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Virtual worlds are where people come and entertain themselves with countless different elements, and even many games are developed crazily and chaotically to bring everyone endless entertainment. These games are called sandboxes, a genre that breaks down the world’s logic and makes the player more creative and flexible. This article will introduce Dude Theft Wars, an online FPS game combined with sandbox elements to give people the most impressive gameplay on the market. Moreover, the game uses the familiar high-poly graphics engine, is easy to reach the player market, and gives them a lot of interaction with the environment through many different things.


About Dude Theft War 

Basic Information

Dude Theft Wars mainly emphasizes online mode, where all players can meet each other and start pointless but humorous battles. If players play with friends, then this game is the endless source of entertainment that everyone needs. The world of the game is developed with a huge map and without any rules. The only ones that cause players trouble are the policemen present at the scene. But that becomes more fun and impressive when the player can create a riot and drag the police into the fun. The gameplay is always expanding and evolving in this game, and players can enjoy doing whatever they want and accompany their friends through the dumbest yet funniest events.

Funny Graphics

The game is designed to entertain everyone, so it uses a familiar high-poly graphics engine that is easily optimized and operable on many different devices. Its authenticity is reduced but combined with the ragdoll physics mechanism to make things more pleasurable. The poly graphics are widely used in other games, but in Dude Theft Wars, it is perfectly developed and vivid and at the same time highly reactive based on the player’s interaction with the environment. Any player activity always leaves a mark in the city, making the environment more vibrant and realistic despite using poly engines.

A real looking Market

The action element is the mainstay in Dude Theft Wars, and it’s always something players use to interact with the environment and blast the other players’ heads. The game does not have an offline mode, but it has many activities and has many weapons scattered all over the place for players to collect. However, each weapon needs to use compatible ammo, making the game more fun as the player can destroy other players to resupply ammunition. Furthermore, players can purchase weapons in stores, and they are considered safe points, and players can greet each other while shopping. The crazy element of the game is always brought to new heights as time goes by, and everyone always has their work to enjoy the game.

Missions are also Available

If players are discouraged by the world’s continuing activities, they can recruit more friends to participate in events happening around the city. All of the game’s events are known as Heist, where players engage in criminal missions for money or entertainment. Each event’s reward level is generous, and the spoils increase based on each person’s performance in the event’s progress. Furthermore, all the loot in the event belongs to individual rewards, saving ammunition, and many other factors for players.

Explore the city with the Variety of Cars

If the player is too frustrated with shooting or messing with other players, the game will introduce attractive cars with eye-catching designs for players to collect. Other than weapons, players can only purchase vehicles, and the player can register ownership for them. However, the player cannot prevent other players from destroying them and without any cost of compensation. The vehicle element makes Dude Theft Wars more lifelike and real, similar to a sandbox game, and players will experience the smoothest driving experience in this game. Vehicle customization will, of course, be added to the gameplay and give players a wide range of options to design, personalize, and have plenty of options to enjoy the game to its fullest.

Dude Theft Wars is the most exciting and chaotic game of all its sessions, and all players will have many exciting activities to entertain their friends. The gameplay always gives people the most exciting activities, like Heist, free activities, and many other elements to explore throughout the city. In other words, the entire city is everyone’s playground, and they can freely do whatever they want, regardless of the rules. If you have a group of friends full of humor and always interested in the sandbox genre, Dude Theft Wars will be a suitable game and perfect playground.

Features Added in Mod

  1. Menu Mod
  2. God Mode

Overview of the Game

App NameDude Theft War
PublisherPoxel Studios
Google Playcom.PoxelStudios.DudeTheftAuto
File Size
Version0.9.0.3 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMod Menu/God Mode
RequiresAndroid 4.0.3 and on

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