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The game introduced today will be a battle royale game, a hot genre in the game market when players will participate in challenging matches, which is BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA. The game still has many different maps to choose from, depending on your preferences. In addition, the experience with many other players is exciting inside this game.


About BattleGround Mobile India

Basic Information

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Big Maps to Survive

Players will enter an open world with the characteristics of a battle royale game where you will confront other players to become the winner. The game also has buildings to explore and pick up what elements you feel are necessary to fight other players. At the same time, the vastness of the environment and its detail are also factors that any player will be able to use in this survival game.

The world in the game is vast, and most players will spend that time exploring the environment in the game. At the same time, the variety in your environment is something that players will need to consider as this is not only a combat-oriented genre as they can hide in some areas to deal damage to other players. It can be said that they will make use of all they have to overcome the intense shooting scenes with other players.

 Collect Many Accessories to Fight

When starting BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, you will appear on an aircraft, and this detail is not too strange for many players. You can observe the map to jump to the area you want. At the same time, this process will take a little time to perform, and after landing, you will quickly find what you need, such as equipment, weapons, grenades, or exciting things you stop bleeding. So the first phase will be mainly like that.

They will move continuously when an area has been assigned, which is a must in this game. Similar to PUBG, there will be a circle that always shrinks and inside that circle is an area that you will need to enter to meet other players. In addition, anyone knows the consequences if you stay outside this circle for too long, you will lose blood. If you enter this area, then the odds of meeting other players to confront will increase, and anyone will want to win.

In this game, there are many types of guns that you can find, and over time, you will know which guns are suitable for you to choose from. Therefore, anyone can feel confident if they hold a gun with stability and suitable for their skills. Furthermore, when you kill an enemy, you will get the items your opponent has taken, and you will find better equipment or additional support elements.

 Different Maps for Different Moods

When it comes to a battle royale game, we cannot ignore the various maps that this game brings to players. They can find maps with entirely different properties to experience. At the same time, each map will get a new feeling to the players, and they will take the time to discover what is interesting in it, especially the differences between the maps. In addition, each map will have different environmental elements that they can take advantage of.

Each map has its character and is quite large, so players will always have to be careful with what’s going on around them because they don’t know if enemies are waiting for them ahead. Therefore, they will always move with complete care when going to a new area. It can be said that exploring the environment will take some time for the player to adapt to what happens in each environment gradually. The player’s experience will be less boring, thanks to the map change.

 Play with Freinds and Increase your Fun

In BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, players will be able to enter multiplayer matches, and you can choose the number of participants in a team. Precisely, you can move alone in the environment and do whatever you like, but sometimes you will get in trouble when you fall into the match of other players. Also, if you feel unsafe meeting other strong players, you can play with your friends.

Playing with friends is fun as you experience the danger along with them. Many players can help each other and try to complete the level to achieve the highest score. Therefore, each game mode will have its exciting characteristics that you can freely choose depending on your needs and skills in each match. Surely your skills will increase in many different difficult matches.

No Mod

Overview of the Game

App NameBattleGround Mobile India
PublisherKrafton inc.
Google Playcom.pubg.imobile
File Size
Version1.5.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesNo Mod
RequiresAndroid 4.0.3 and on

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